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Fun, Fun, Fun.......

The MOMS Club is an International non-profit organization offering support to all types of mommas!  Our club provides a way to meet other mothers and their children, and enjoy many fun activities.  The Pasadena Chapter is in California and welcomes moms in the Pasadena area as well as Sierra Madre.

We rely on the participation of all our members to make the group successful and lots of fun! Our chapter provides the following activities:

Playgroups-   Playgroups are, by far, the most popular activity offered by the MOMS Club®. Our current groups are broken down by age and generally meet at a member’s home, park or any other desirable location when the weather permits.  Siblings are always welcome and you are free to join a different playgroup for each of your children. Although the purpose of a play date is to get the kids together, most moms will tell you that playgroups are as much fun for them as they are for the kids! Once you become a member you will be assigned to a playgroup and we do offer multi-aged groups as well.

Holiday Parties- Oh yes!  We like to celebrate those holidays!  Members of the club will get together for parties, BBQs,  or potlucks to celebrate the season.  Be it Halloween, Christmas, or just a reason to ring in Summer's beginning, these parties are fun for all.  This is also a great time for Dads, partners and/or older siblings to join in and meet everyone if they're not around on a regular basis. 

All Member Meetings-  Once a month we all get together to go over club business; vote on important issues and any other topics the members are interested in. We also invite interesting speakers to come and talk to us. Many of them have come to us via recommendations from members and all have been wonderful. Children are welcome in the meeting room, of course most of the time they’d rather play with their friends in the childcare room! Anyone who is interested in the club is welcome to come to a meeting. (Go to our "Contact Us/Membership" page for info.)

Weekly Park MeetupsOur kids and moms love park days! When the weather is sweet (as it usually is in SoCal) we get together at one of the local parks. This is a great way to check out our group too!

MOMS Night Out A night to not be “mom” for a few hours.  We get together for dinner, a game night, movies or pamper ourselves to spa treatments.  Hang out with the girls and blow off some steam!  Each month offers something different. The best part of all is that members have a built in way of taking a break without really needing to know the whole group.  This monthly activity is for just Mommas, so give Dad or your partner a heads up!!

Mom Meal Support
When a member has a baby or there is an illness in the family, one of the moms puts the call out for volunteers! Meals for the family are prepared and delivered. It’s another fun and thoughtful way we show support for our friends in the chapter and it is always well received.

All Member Outings- Each month we set off on another Mommy and me adventure! We’ve gone to local Fire Stations and participated in a local parade. We like to keep travel to 30 mins. or less so our little ones don’t get over-tired. Some of our previous trips have been to Mother's Beach, Santa Fe Dam and The Huntington Library and Gardens. We are looking to add more of these types of trips in the coming year & our list is ever-changing.  We're open to all new ideas!!
We also welcome all ideas for special interest groups.  If you're a crafter, reader, exercise-lover, there might be some other moms in the club interested in gathering to do them with you!!

**The MOMS Club® has no religious affiliation.  

**Neither MOMS Club® of Pasadena-North, CA nor the International MOMS Club® endorses  any advertiser seen on this website.  They are provided only as a courtesy.

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